Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Little Rant

Things I've Learned In Life So Far:

1. Don't give up on love so easily, it doesn't give up on you.
2. We all live our lives the same; differently.
3. Night time is the life for those who live off of creativity and passion.
4. Everything happens for a reason, no matter what it is.
5. "Failure simply shows there's more room for improvement."
6. Depression shows your emotions are working correctly, this can last up to a month.
7. Relationships build character, don't lose it.
8. Make plans, even if they don't work out.
9. Cigarette's are to look cool at first. Then it's purely an addiction problem.
10. Drinking alcohol while depressed increases it's time length by double.
11. Life is filled with obstacles, women are part of them.
12. Snuggies are JUST backwards robes.
13. Dogs are adorable, no mater what size.
14. Don't be scared to love someone back unless you want to be a heartbreaker.
15. We are all hypocrites.
16. It's part of Human Nature to act in spite.
17. Patience is key to success.
18. Persistence just means you never quit. Why else would we still be living our lifes?
19. Wisdom is obtained by those who show knowledge of learning their own mistakes.
20. Nothing and no one is better than the other, there are just those who feel there is by opinion.
21. Learn to love your flaws, afterall, you're stuck with yourself until death.

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